Joseph P. Hougnon, Attorney at Law

Client Testimonials

“Joseph is very professional and amazing help with a friendly attitude. He is very confident and delivers what he said he will do. He helped me even after three years for a court mistake and he happily saved me from being penalized wrongfully. He was able to explain to the Judge providing all the proof needed to show the court room that it was their mistake. I am very satisfied with his amazing legal service and recommend him to anybody.”


“Attorney Joe Hougnon, thank you for taking time to review this case for my son. You did a great job!”


“Thank you again for taking my case. You made a real difference in my life. I’ve made amends with my family and friends, stopped drinking, quit smoking, and I’m doing well at work and at my new home. Take care.”


“Thank you for your help. You did a great job defending me in court.”


“You are an amazing attorney. No matter what my charge was I would only hope to the highest that you and only would defend me!!!!”


“Dear Mr. Hougnon, thank you so much for your excellent representation of my son. I greatly appreciate your expertise and skill in these cases. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who has a similar legal situation.”


“Joe Hougnon, I just wanted to thank you for all your expert advice and for representing me in court. You have treated me with the utmost respect during an otherwise embarrassing and humiliating experience.”


“Joe Hougnon is as good as it gets. I have used him twice now and I am very happy with him. If I need a lawyer again I wouldn’t hesitate to call Joe. No other Lawyer would be an option. Joe is one of the most professional people I have ever met. Very knowledgeable, confident!

The way he talks I can tell he has years of experience and knows what he is talking about. Joe exceeds every expectation I want in my lawyer. He explains everything well, clearly, and keeps me in the know and what to expect. I like that. Always on time and his follow up calls or emails were quick. I have a super busy schedule at work and he worked with me. I want to say THANK YOU Joe, and for helping me move on with my life.

I am glad to call you my Lawyer”

Kevin I.

“One of the best lawyers! If you are looking for a lawyer, I would highly recommend that you hire Mr. Hougnon! Mr. Hougnon is one the most compassionate lawyers I have worked with and he really cares for his clients. I have hired him on two separate occasions and throughout both he has been there to answer every single one of my questions helping me feel at ease. He is sharp, intelligent, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.”

Lissette U.