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Dealing with the Epidemic of Domestic Violence

Even in the best marriages, the stress and strain of everyday living can sometimes take its toll. Communications can break down, and two people in a relationship can bring their outside problems to bear and take things out on each other, leading to unfortunate incidents of domestic violence.

According to the Partnership to End Domestic Violence, about 40% of Californian women experience physical violence by their partners in their lifetimes, and younger women between 18-24 years old are significantly more likely to be victims.

Because the threat of violence is always possible in a domestic violence situation, law enforcement officials take all claims of domestic violence seriously. This is backed by California laws which give limited leeway to officers who are called to a report of domestic violence. If they are called to a scene and find even a small amount of evidence suggesting that an injury has occurred, you could be arrested on a felony charge.

How a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help You

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you do have some possible options that a domestic violence attorney can employ on your behalf.

The first of these is that a defendant had to actually defend themselves against potential imminent bodily harm. In cases such as this, it may be possible for a domestic violence attorney in Sacramento to show that a use of physical force against a plaintiff was justified because their client reasonably believed they were in danger of becoming a victim too.

In other instances, it may be possible to make the case that the perceived domestic violence action was too trivial to actually be considered a criminal offense. This is known as a de minimis infraction.

Because of the high profile attention on all domestic violence cases, you should never assume anything as your case proceeds. Find an attorney you trust, follow instructions completely, and try to maintain objectivity instead of letting yourself be overridden by emotions.

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