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Nursing is a Noble Profession but It Can Take a Toll

Nursing is one of the most noble of all professions. But the overwhelming desire to help others in need can come at a price. Most nurses work long hours in demanding and stressful situations, and often times must deal with keeping their emotions in check while running the risk of fighting off depression, burnout, and other related issues. Many nurses deal with these challenges on a daily basis, yet the care they provide is the essential backbone of the healthcare industry.

It’s estimated that there are more than 330,000 actively licensed nurses in California, making it the single largest health profession in the state. About two-thirds of all nurses work in hospitals and another 15 percent work in ambulatory care. Overall, nurses work hard for their pay but do quite well as a result. According to the California Health Care Foundation, statistics show that the average income for nurses was $100,000 as of 2015.

Retaining the Services of a Nursing License Defense Attorney

Taking into account the need to provide high-quality health services on every shift, coupled with a six-figure salary, the stakes are high for men and women in the nursing profession.

With so many nurses in such a demanding profession, complaints are an inevitable part of the job. Many times, these complaints are minor, but at other times, the complaints are more substantial and can trigger a formal accusation against a licensee to the Board of Registered Nursing, which is the regulatory body that oversees licensed nurses in California. As one of the strictest licensing boards in the nation, the BRN takes all complaints seriously and investigates each one with vigor to see if there are any violations of the Nursing Practice Act. If you are one who has been faced with accusations, it is crucial to have a nursing license defense attorney in Sacramento at your side.

All of these factors mean that you must take every step necessary to protect your life and your livelihood if a complaint is filed against you. Retaining the services of an experienced nursing license defense attorney is the first and most critical step that you can take. Mounting an effective defense can sort out the facts and prepare a defense that will preserve and protect your license, your career and your reputation to the highest degree possible.

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