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The Benefits of Hiring a Chiropractor License Defense Attorney

In California, chiropractors’ conduct is governed by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  It is the job of this governing body to investigate complaints made against chiropractors and to determine what levels of discipline may be meted out.


Rules governing the conduct of chiropractors in the state are complex, making it next to impossible for a chiropractor to represent themselves in front of the BCE.  Attempting to do so is a high stakes gamble that could produce a negative outcome and could end a chiropractor’s career.


In addition to bringing much-needed objectivity to a formal accusation, a chiropractor license defense attorney will bring years of experience to a proceeding.  To minimize any impacts, it is essential to have an intimate understanding of how the BCE operates.  Many times, that knowledge can be put to beneficial use during potential negotiations that can ultimately minimize penalties or suspensions.  It also increases the likelihood of only receiving a formal warning or having an accusation dismissed outright.


Protect Your License and Your Rights


Although having a chiropractor license defense attorney in Sacramento representing you is a necessity, you should still have a basic understanding of the BCE disciplinary process.


The BCE has jurisdiction over alleged violations of the Chiropractic Initiative Act, Business and Professions Code. Following a complaint by a patient, other medical professionals, or the government; it is reviewed and investigated.  If the BCE thinks there is merit to the accusation, evidence will be gathered and the case will be heard by an Administrative Law Judge, which follows many of the same protocols as a formal trial.  Following the hearing, the judge has 30 days to issue a proposed decision which the BCE can agree or disagree with, replacing it with a decision of its own.


The BCE is aggressive and laws governing chiropractors are stringent.  That’s why it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible and begin mounting a strategic defense.  You have worked hard for many years to earn the right to be a chiropractor, and you must retain a highly skilled and experienced counsel to protect your career and defend your rights with as much vigor as possible.


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