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The California Department of Consumer Affairs Oversees Licensed Professionals

There are a myriad of licensing boards in California that oversee the conduct of a variety of professionals throughout the state. These boards provide oversight and regulation for a wide range of occupations ranging from doctors, physical therapists, nurses, real estate and insurance brokers, contractors, and other related professions. They are often charged with education, enforcement, and other related activities to ensure that the public is fully protected when they use the services of licensed professionals.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs is the regulatory body that has oversight of many of these boards and has the stated mission of protecting California consumers by providing a safe and fair marketplace through oversight, enforcement, and licensure of professionals. Collectively, the department provides guidelines and oversight for more than 3.5 million professionals.

The DCA is also the regulatory body that oversees consumers who want to file a complaint against a professionally licensed practitioner in California. As such, the individual boards are given broad and sweeping authority to investigate complaints and assess penalties, fines, suspensions, and license revocations when charges are substantiated.

You Have Options in a California Professional License Defense Situation

As a licensed professional in California, it is not only in your best interests to respond to a complaint filed from a licensing agency, it is essential that you do it in a timely way and with the help of a California professional license defense attorney.

A California professional license defense attorney in Sacramento will be familiar with the procedures, deadlines, and workings of a professional licensing board to give you the best chance at having a complaint dismissed or charges reduced to the least amount of penalty possible.

Generally, you have 15 days to respond to a formal accusation, and to request a hearing if your situation warrants. Not doing so could land you in a default situation and the board may choose to render a decision without your side of the story being heard.

With the help of an experienced attorney, you give yourself the best possible legal footing and the most options to use. One of these may even include negotiating a pre-determined outcome that minimizes any penalty you may be facing.

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