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There Are Many Types of Medical Licensing Boards in California

More than one million individuals possess Healthcare licenses issued by California medical licensing boards. These can range from doctors and dentists, to social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, and veterinarians to name but a few. While the vast majority of these practicing professionals have little or no contact with these various licensing boards, the impacts can be significant both in terms of the process and the outcome when a complaint is filed against a healthcare professional. Complaints can vary widely in both the circumstances and gravity of a possible offense. Some of the more common offenses include:

  • Insurance and Medicare fraud
  • Forgery
  • Altering or forging a prescription
  • Overprescribing narcotics
  • Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Sex offenses
  • Elder abuse or child abuse

Medical professionals can also face disciplinary action if they engage in criminal activities outside the scope of their profession. This may include robbery, theft, substance abuse, DUI, or more serious offenses involving a wide range of felonies.

That’s why it is essential that any professional facing medical license discipline should contact a medical license defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Value of Retaining a Medical License Defense Attorney

Under the auspices of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the vast majority of disciplinary actions begin with a complaint filed by a consumer, another medical professional, or through law enforcement investigations. The CDCA employs both civilian and sworn peace officer investigators to conduct investigations against medical licensees depending on the nature of the alleged offense. Up against the considerable resources that the CDCA can employ, it is essential to have a medical license defense attorney who fully understands the processes of civil and criminal medical license investigations.

One of the keys to mounting an effective response to a complaint is meeting all deadlines or risk that a medical license board will make a unilateral and arbitrary decision without your input. In California, a medical professional only has 15 days from the date of the formal accusation to file a response. That means there is very little time to mount a defense. As such, having an attorney on your side who is already well versed in medical license law is critical to defending your rights the best possible way.

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