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When You Should Engage a Professional License Defense Lawyer

Many professions in California are governed by licensing boards that oversee the conduct, ethics, and behavior of a variety of white-collar and blue-collar industries. This can include professions such as chiropractors, dental professionals, medical professionals, pharmacists, real estate, insurance brokers and agents. These regulatory agencies have broad powers and can impose varying levels of penalties on professionals ranging from warnings to a complete and permanent suspension of a professional license.

As a result, every accusation should be treated with concern. From the moment you are made aware of an accusation, without the guidance of an attorney, you could make costly mistakes that could inadvertently strengthen a case against you without the assistance of a professional license defense lawyer in Sacramento.

Responding to a Formal Accusation

Responding to a formal accusation, as well as most licensing and disciplinary actions, are governed by the Administrative Procedures Act. This ensures due processes are followed throughout the hearing process.

As a licensed professional in California, it is essential that you have a basic understanding of what happens with an Accusation is made. Understanding those steps is part of a larger effort that you will need to undertake to protect your reputation and your livelihood.

Upon receipt of the formal Accusation, you have a limited number of days to file a Notice of Defense to the Accusation. It is critical that you meet this timeframe. If you don’t, the licensing board governing your conduct may consider that you have defaulted and conceded that the accusations against you are true. This will allow the licensing board to take whatever disciplinary actions it deems necessary without further notice.

Responding in a timely manner means you can request a hearing. More important, your attorney can try to negotiate a pre-determined outcome that could involve a lesser penalty or even a dismissal. Because professional license defense lawyers deal with licensing boards on a regular basis, this will give you the best possible chance at minimizing any impacts on your career and professional standing.

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